3. Nighttime Movements


The patient is able to discuss concerns regarding night-time movements.

Suggestions to maintain perianal skin integrity:

  • Limiting what is eaten 4 - 6 hours before bedtime. This also includes avoiding large quantities of liquids (especially carbonated beverages) and evening snacks.

  • Eating the largest meal of the day for lunch is encouraged.

  • Taking medications such as Lomotilâ„¢ or Imodiumâ„¢ before the evening meal and/or at bedtime may also be helpful. Medications should only be taken with the consent of the surgeon or gastroenterologist.

  • Protecting the perianal skin at night is important because during deep sleep, there can be small amounts of stool or mucous which may escape when the sphincter muscles are relaxed. If this does occur, it is usually temporary and often due to the very loose stool that is initially produced.

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