Where can I Learn More about FAP?


One way of understanding who is, and who is not, at risk for FAP is by starting a family tree and keeping it up to date.

The Familial Gastrointestinal Cancer Registry, at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, was established in 1980 to assist Canadian patients with FAP and their families. The first step is to draw the family history so that each child, brother, and sister of someone with FAP can become aware of their risk and what they can do to prevent bowel cancer. We welcome help from family members in updating us when someone moves, marries, or has a child. We also ask patients to let us know the results of their check-up each time they see their doctor or undergo surgery.

Part of our service involves referral on request to specialists with a particular interest in FAP. When travelling, it is useful to know the nearest specialty centre where medical care is available. Families are encouraged to add to their knowledge of FAP by reading related articles or pamphlets from our patient library, looking at videos, and listening to audio tapes.

If you would like to know more about FAP, please contact us.

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