Familial GI Cancers Unit

Resources - Books



  • What Happens to Your Food? Smith A. Usborne Publishing Ltd, London , UK , 1997

  • I Know Where My Food Goes. Maynard J. Candlewick Press, Cambridge , MA , 1998

  • The Organ Wise Guys. Lombardo M. Wellness Incorporated, Duluth , GA , 1996

Family Tree

  • Me And My Family Tree. Sweeney J. Crown Publishers, Inc, New York , 1999

  • The Family Tree Detective. Douglas A. Greey de Pencier Books Inc, Toronto , 1999


  • Liking Myself. Palmer P. Impact Publishers, San Luis Obispo , CA , 1977

  • Let's Talk About Being Afraid. Johnston M. The Rozen Publishing Group, Inc, New York , 1998

  • Why Am I Different? Simon N. Albert Whitman & Company, Morton Grove , IL , 1976

  • Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope. O'Toole D. Mountain Rainbow Publications, Burnsville , NC , 1988

  • When Something Terrible Happens. Heegaard M. Woodland Press, Minneapolis , MN , 1991

  • When Someone Has A Very Serious Illness. Heegaard M. Woodland Press, Minneapolis , MN , 1991

Fun Reading

  • I Have To Go. Munsch R. Annick Press Ltd, Buffalo, NY, 1987

  • Everyone Poops. Gomi T. Kane/Miller Book Publishers, Brooklyn, NY, 1993


  • Jessica's X-Ray. Zonta P. Firefly Books Ltd, Toronto, 2002


  • When Someone Very Special Dies. Heegaard M. Woodland Press, Minneapolis, MN, 1988

  • The Tenth Good Thing About Barney. Viorst J. Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1971

  • Vanishing Cookies. Doing OK When A Parent Has Cancer. The Benjamin Family Foundation, Downsview, Canada, 1990

  • Guardian Angels. Judd N. Harper Collins Publishers, Inc, New York, 2000

Your Body

  • The Magic School Bus. Cole J. Scholastic Inc, New York, 1989

  • Your Insides. Cole J. The Putnam & Grosset Group, New York, 1992

  • Color Anatomy! Becker C. RGA Publishing Group, Inc, Los Angeles, CA, 1997

Your Genes

  • Amazing Schemes Within Your Genes. Balkwill F, Rolph M. Harper Collins Publishers Ltd, Hammersmith, London , 1993 DNA Is Here To Stay. Balkwill F. Harper Collins Publishers Ltd, Hammersmith, London , 1992 Cells Are Us. Balkwill F. Carolrhoda Books Inc, Minneapolis , MN , 1993 Ingenious Genes. Baeuerle P A, Landa L. Barron's Educational Series,Inc, Hauppauge , NY, 1997

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