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Information on research and clinical trials in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Current Studies

Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis

Crohn's Disease

  • Mechanisms of Intestinal Inflammation Following Ileal Resection for Crohn's Disease
    Objective is to evaluate microbial and gene expression factors which are associated with the recurrence of small bowel inflammation following surgery for Crohn’s Disease. This will have practical implications for evaluating which patients are more likely to rapidly recur as well as provide insight into the pathogenesis of Crohn’s Disease.

  • Hepatobiliary Bowel Study

  • RHB-104 in CD

  • Etrolizumab in CD (GA29144)

  • Mongersen in CD (Celgene study)

  • The impact of 6MP metabolite levels on infliximab pharmacokinetics and anti-infliximab antibodies in Crohn's disease (Dr. Seidman study)

  • A Cohort Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Drug Concentrations in Predicting Recapture of Response with Weekly ADAlimumab in Crohn’s Disease Subjects with Secondary Loss of Response (PRADA) P15-770

  • Denosumab (A Monoclonal Antibody to Receptor Activator of Nuclear factor-Kappa B ligand (RANKL) in Crohn's disease (Dr. Bernstein study))

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