About Us - FGICR


The Familial Gastrointestinal Cancer Registry, or FGICR, established in 1980, is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to the specialty care of families affected with rare forms of inherited gastrointestinal cancer. Our goal is secondary prevention of cancer through early diagnosis and treatment; education for patients and caregivers; and research through our molecular laboratory program.

Patient Care

In keeping with our family-based approach, patients and family members are seen for medical and surgical care; counselling and genetic testing; psychosocial support. Our team includes gastroenterologists; colorectal and hepatobiliary surgeons; a research nurse; genetic counsellors; pathologists; and a molecular geneticist.


Outreach clinical programs are offered to all children affected with, or at risk for, inherited gastrointestinal cancer by our pediatric gastroenterologist. An Education Night is held for families with Lynch Syndrome (HNPCC) every two years. Our “Network” newsletter is distributed to families and is also available online.

Clinical Research

Genetic testing may be available for specific forms of inherited colorectal, gastric, and pancreatic cancer through both our service and research molecular laboratory program.

To learn about the members of the Registry affiliated with the Departments of Surgery, Medicine, Pathology, and Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, please go to the staff page.